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Alexandria was a city that was the brainchild of Alexander the Great and Ptolemy I. They wanted to create a universal trading capital of the Empire in Egypt, that would watch and maintain. Here they wanted to create a center for Hellenistic culture which was a beautiful combination of Greek, Egyptian and all sorts of other ancient cultures that combined under Alexander the Great.

Alexandria boasted many great structures of the ancient world such as the Pharos Lighthouse and the Library of Alexandria and was a center of learning and knowledge for the ancient world. In fact, this city even today is a cultural hub and major population center in Egypt.

You can learn more about the city of Alexandria here.


The Egyptian city of Heracleion, also known in Greek as Thonis was an ancient prosperous trading port that was swallowed by the sea during an earthquake and thought to be lost to history. However prior to 2000 no trace had ever been discovered of the city and most people believed it was simply something of legend, that it never really existed.

Egyptian Settlements - Heracleion Tablet Underwater

Heracleion Stone Tablet - Frank Goddio (2000)

However, this ancient city was recently discovered and underwater archaeologists are now in the process of salvaging this city from its resting place on the bottom of the Mediterranean Sea. Learn more about the ancient city of Thonis-Heracleion here.



This is a list of known ancient Egyptian towns and cities.[1][2][3] The list is for sites intended for permanent settlement and does not include fortresses and other locations of intermittent habitation. a capital of ancient Egypt a capital of ancient Egypt and regional administrative centerLower Egypt[edit]Upper Egypt[edit]Red Sea Coast[edit]References[edit]Jump up ^ Nome (Egypt)Jump up ^ List of provinces ('nomes') of ancient Egypt. Retrieved on 2016-03-05.Jump up ^ Nomes, cities and sites. Retrieved on 2016-03-05.
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