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Twenty-Third Dynasty of Egypt

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The Twenty-third Dynasty of ancient Egypt was a separate regime of Meshwesh Libyan kings, who ruled ancient Egypt. This dynasty is often considered part of the Third Intermediate Period.Rulers[edit]There is much debate surrounding this dynasty, which may have been situated at Herakleopolis Magna, Hermopolis Magna, and Thebes but monuments from their reign show that they controlled Upper Egypt in parallel with the Twenty-second dynasty of Egypt shortly before the death of Osorkon II. In the History of Egypt, the known rulers, for the Twenty-third Dynasty, are as follows:
King NameHorus-NameReignConsort
Harsiese AHedjkheperre-Setpenamun880–860 BCEIsetweret I
Takelot IIHedjkheperre-Setpenre840–815 BCEKaromama D
Tabeketenasket A
Pedubast IUsermaatre-Setpenamun829–804 BCE
Iuput I??829–804 BCE
Shoshenq VIUsermaatre-Meryamun804–798 BCE
Osorkon IIIUsermaatre-Setpenamun798–769 BCETentsai A
Takelot IIIUsermaatre774–759 BCEKakat
RudamunUsermaatre-Setpenamun759–755 BCEConsort
IniMenkheperre755–750 BCEConsort
PeftjauawybastNeferkare754–720 BCEIrbastwedjanefu
Tashereniset I

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