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Twenty-Ninth Dynasty of Egypt

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The Twenty-Ninth Dynasty of Egypt, also spelled 29th Dynasty or Dynasty XXIX was an ethnic Egyptian dynasty founded by Nepherites I who was able to defeat the previous ruler of the Twenty-Eighth Dynasty of Egypt named Amyrtaeus in open conflict. He was able to capture the previous king of Egypt and brought him to Memphis, where he was executed and his dynasty ended. Nepherites I then moved the capital of Egypt to a city called Mendes.

On Nepherites' death, two rival factions fought for the throne: one behind his son Muthis, and the other supporting an usurper Psammuthes; although Psammuthes was successful, he only managed to reign for a year.Psammuthes was overthrown by Hakor, who claimed to be the grandson of Nepherites I. He successfully resisted Persian attempts to reconquer Egypt, drawing support from Athens (until the Peace of Antalcidas in 386 BC), and from the rebel king of Cyprus, Evagoras. Although his son Nepherites II became king on his death, the younger Nepherites was unable to keep hold on his inheritance.
King NameHorus-NameReignConsort
Nepherites I398-393 BCE
Psammuthes393 BCE
Hakor (Achoris)393-380 BCE
Nepherites II380 BCE

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