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Twenty-First Dynasty of Egypt

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See the Third Intermediate Period of Egypt.

After the reign of Ramesses III, a long, slow decline of royal power in Egypt followed. The pharaohs of the Twenty-First Dynasty ruled from Tanis, but were mostly active only in Lower Egypt which they controlled. This dynasty is described as 'Tanite' because its political capital was based at Tanis. Meanwhile, the High Priests of Amun at Thebes effectively ruled Middle and Upper Egypt in all but name. The later Egyptian Priest Manetho of Sebennytos states in his Epitome on Egyptian royal history that "the 21st Dynasty of Egypt lasted for 130 years".[1]
King NameHorus-NameReignConsort
Smendes (Nesbanebdjed I)Hedjkheperre-Setepenre1077-1051 BCTentamun
AmenemnisuNeferkare-Heqawaset1051-1047 BCE
Pinedjem IKheperkare-Setepenamun1062-1039 BCEHenuttawy
Isetemkheb A
Psusennes I (Pasebkhanut I)Akheperre-Setepenamun1047-1001 BCMutnedjemet
AmenemopeUsermaetre-Setepenamun1001-992 BC
Osorkon the ElderAkheperre-Setepenre992-986 BC
SiamunNetjerkheperre-Meryamun986-967 BC
Psusennes II (Pasebkhanut I)Tyetkheperure-Setepenre967-943 BC

Third Intermediate Period of Egypt

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