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Tenth Dynasty of Egypt

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The Tenth Dynasty of Egypt, also spelled as the 10th Dynasty or Dynasty X was a short lived and little known dynasty during the First Intermediate Period of Egypt. This dynasty is often combined with Dynasty XII, Dynasty XIII, Dynasty IX and Dynasty XI. During this period the territories of Upper Egypt and Lower Egypt were not unified and there was some social unrest in Egypt.

Dynasty IX was founded at Herakleopolis Magna, and Dynasty X continued there. At this time Egypt was not unified, and there is some overlap between these and other local dynasties. The Turin Canon lists eighteen kings for this royal line, but their names are damaged, unidentifiable, or lost.[2]The following is a possible list of rulers of the Tenth Dynasty based on the Turin Canon, as egyptologists have not unanimous opinions about the order of succession within the two dynasties. Among them, only Wahkare Khety and Merykare are undoubtedly attested by archaeological finds:
King NameHorus-NameReignConsort
Neferkare VIII
Wahkare Khety III

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