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The Hyksos seem to be of Phoenician heritage due to two things: 1- they worshiped Baal the Phoenician God and 2- They were master ship builders and sailors which is proof beyond a shadow of a doubt given that no one had proper ship building technology to sail across oceans except the Phoenicians during that time period. Rome was able to build its own fleet only after it duplicated a Phoenician ship around 300 BC if I'm not wrong. So effectively speaking, the first Chinese Dynasty was a Phoenician one??? Far fetched but it seems plausible given the above line of logic.ReplyNot the Comte de Saint Germain9/4/2016 12:46:47 pmIt's more accurate to say that the Hyksos and the Phoenicians were subsets of the Canaanite or West Semitic peoples who lived all over the Levantine coast of the Mediterranean. The Phoenicians lived in what is now Lebanon, whereas the Hyksos were a Semitic group with murky origins who lived in Egypt for generations.Another point is the chronological difference. The Phoenicians were always involved in maritime trade, but as far as I know, they didn't became truly expert seafarers until the first millennium BC. The Hyksos lived more than 600 years before that. So the Hyksos and the Phoenicians were culturally related but not the same.


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